Art belongs to you!

You’re an artist.

Yes, YOU.

Art is your birthright as a human being. Since the dawn of time, or at least since the point at which humans stood upright and became marginally self-aware, people have been creating art.

Why? Because it feels good to express personal and cultural meaning by making marks. One of the inherent human drives is to “make special.” Art-making is a normal and wonderful part of human development. (This isn’t just my opinion… check out the Wikipedia entries on Ellen Dissanayake and Viktor Lowenfeld.)

In today’s world, we tend to think of artists as people who are highly trained in one medium (like oil painting or bronze sculpture), who work alone in a remote art studio, whose artwork is shown in New York galleries or metropolitan museums. And, possibly, who are a little bit crazy, or at least eccentric and hard to like.

But it’s time for a new definition. An artist is a totally normal, likeable person who makes art. An art-ist, in other words.

And as far as defining “art,” let’s just call it… some kind of special thing (an object, an image, a performance, or whatever) that expresses meaning, and/or elicits a meaningful response from others.

If that makes “art” pretty much sound like “everything,” then we’re on the right track.

Art is everywhere… out in the world, and inside you. And it’s yours! Embrace it.

About Tracy @ Bent Tuba Studio

Claim your creative power! We offer art workshops and other resources for women who want to reconnect with their inner artist.

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