It’s easier than you think: Why you should make your own rubber stamps

The first time I walked into the rubber stamp aisle of a craft supply store, I was in awe. It was amazing to think that I could reproduce the same image again and again, like magic, with just an ink pad! Such creative power!

That initial excitement was blown out of the water later on, when I carved my very own rubber stamp for the first time. Never mind being able to reproduce store-bought images many times… now I could reproduce ANY IMAGE multiple times. That’s power.

Nicki and I still buy a rubber stamp or two occasionally (we have a particular weakness for cool alphabet sets). But I’ll never spend another hour in the store trying to find a readymade rubber stamp with a certain type of image, because now I know how to spend that hour making my own.


Hand-carved rubber stamps by Bent Tuba Studio

With the right tools and a few minutes of practice, you can make a stamp out of practically any image you want. Nicki carved these images of stars, a pencil stub, an acorn, a seashell, and a half-walnut. That's a starfish peeking in from the upper right.

Why bother learning to make your own stamps? Try these 3 reasons on for size:

1. You don’t need to be “good at drawing” to make a beautiful rubber stamp. (You can draw directly onto the rubber surface, it’s true. But you can also transfer an existing image onto the rubber and then just follow the lines with your carving tool.) All you need is the right tools, a little bit of time, and a little bit of patience.

2. The tools you need are simple, easy to find, and inexpensive. You only need one hand-held carving tool to make many, many stamps—it will last for years, and even the replacement blades aren’t pricey. And although it’s nice to use so-called “butter block” for carving, you can also produce high-quality images using white acrylic erasers. In fact, we recommend starting with the erasers and working your way up to the good stuff.

3. Isn’t it time you harnessed your own creative power?  Consider how it might feel to see your own design reproduced on a birthday card or scrapbook page. In my experience, it feels pretty awesome.

Want to learn how to transfer an image onto the rubber surface and use the carving tool to make your stamp? Join us in the studio April 14th for our rubber stamp workshop! There are just a couple of seats left, so if you’re interested, register today at our workshops page.

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