Have You Met…? (featuring Louise Grape)

“Have You Met…?” is a new feature spotlighting creative people who are doing amazing things in the Triad area. 

Louise Grape is the founder of Hirsch Wellness Network and a fiber artist/designer. Nicki and I first met Louise in 2009, and we’ve been teaching art and journal classes for Hirsch ever since because we love this nonprofit’s awesome creative mission. I asked Louise three questions about her personal experiences with creativity.

Describe your personal creative mission.

For me personally, I am learning that creativity is in everything I do—from washing my clothes to preparing a meal to making a work of art.  Each time I put something into motion, I am digging into my source of creativity and finding something new, something that refreshes me and shows me another side of myself.  This process consistently brings me joy, comfort, and a sense of accomplishment.

Who or what are your creative inspirations?

I am always inspired by nature—primarily shape and color.  As a designer and fabricator, my artwork is centered on combining these elements.  I see the work in sections and I love to see how far I can play with pattern, solids, and texture to make a new statement.  It is thrilling to see how all of the small things I collect actually become something new and special as a whole.

Imagine walking down the street with a megaphone, broadcasting one vital statement about creativity… what would that statement be?

Don’t be afraid to allow your creativity to shine!  Discover it daily.

To nominate your favorite Triad-area creator for a Have You Met…? feature, send us an email at studio@benttuba.com.

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