Open, brilliant, brave: A creative inspiration poster for you

About seven years ago, I was setting up my art supplies in the corner of a basement room in a Guilford College classroom building, on the verge of a year-long artistic exploration of my senior thesis topic. And I was terrified. I really needed a reassuring voice to tell me that it was all going to work out—that I had what it took to make it work.

So I created that voice, using an 18″ x 24″  newsprint drawing pad and cheap watercolors and India ink.

BE OPEN: Be a vessel, an open bowl, a receiver.

BE BRILLIANT: Let the world’s light shine on you, and through you, like a star reflecting the light of the Sun.

BE BRAVE: Be “brave on the rocks” — willing to go barefoot across the rough places. This was the sage advice to preschool-aged Sabrina Ward Harrison from her dad. (Fans of Sabrina’s work will no doubt immediately recognize how much her distinctive handwriting influenced my inky lettering on this poster.)

The original poster has survived several moves since then, and now it has a place of honor in our studio. (Okay, it’s taped to a closet door… but all places in our studio are places of honor.)

I’ve created a new digital version of this poster so that you can print one for your very own. Click on the image below to get the full-sized printable version:

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