Work in progress: tiny fabric altars


Nature gives us shapeless shapes: clouds and wings and flame    — Paul Simon, “You’re the One”

There are some materials I’ve been moving from place to place for the past several years, knowing that I’d use them somehow-someday in a personal altar or an art installation. A few days ago I realized that somehow-someday had arrived! Now I’m immersed in the visceral and meditative thrill of finding out how these tiny elements go together and in what form.

Here are some photos from my work in progress.

An assortment of collected objects, both natural and man-made, including some tea-dyed fabric scraps:

A mandala of tiny altar bits:

The evolution of tiny fabric altars:

tiny fabric altars - work in progress -

And one of three hooped and embellished fabric elements that will be incorporated into the installation (still working out those details):

It’s my intent to finish this installation piece quickly so that it can be donated to the “Art Lives Here” silent auction on September 14, which benefits Hirsch Wellness Network.

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