Art Lives Here: Raising fun + funds for cancer survivors

It was such a pleasure for both Nicki and me to be invited to donate artwork to the Art Lives Here silent auction, coming up this Friday. It’s a benefit for Hirsch Wellness Network, a nonprofit that has brought so many wonderful people into our lives over the past three years. Hirsch offers creativity and wellness experiences for people in the Greensboro area who have been touched by cancer, including current patients, survivors, and family members. (Nicki and I have both taught classes at Hirsch—and we’ve been participants in many of them, too.)

In a previous post, I shared some highlights of a work in progress that I was planning to donate to the Hirsch auction. It turned out to be five small, similar, but separate works, now no longer in progress but ready to hang and sell at the auction. Here are a few more glimpses of the finished fabric hangings, which I think of as mini-altars.

They are about 8″ x 3″ each. Or something like that. Anyway, they’re small, so you have to get up close to really interact with them.


I enjoyed juxtaposing found materials: natural objects and manmade discards.

Nicki and I also donated handmade felted vessels to the auction. We’ll be there on Friday night, grooving to the Swamp Cats and admiring all the artwork, so come by and say hello!

For more information and how to buy tickets, check out the Hirsch Wellness website.


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