Free Downloads

Here’s where we keep the fun printable stuff. 

Feel free to share it, post it, hide it in fun places for someone to find, use it as your desktop picture, etc.

Here are a couple of  holiday goodies for you!


To make these holiday tags from scrapbook paper (and stamps, if you like), it just takes a bit of quick cutting, folding, and gluing. Click here for the template:


 Or you might want to try your hand at festive gift wrap from recycled materials, such as this newspaper gift bag and magazine-page bow.


Here’s the instruction sheet:


We’ve been counting our blessings and thought it might be nice to share this 6 page Gratitude Journal. Print as many two-sided pages as you like, fold on the dotted line and sew or staple together. Give away as gifts, or keep for yourself. Click the image below to view the full PDF document:

Gratitude Journal

Here’s the recipe for rice paste, the adhesive we used in our Papier-Mache for Grown-Ups workshop. Click on the link to view a printable PDF document:  RicePasteRecipe

Print this 8.5″ x 11″ inspirational poster to hang on your desk, fridge, or front door (or give to a friend). Click on the image below to get the full-size printable file.

Create watercolor aspiration cards. Click here to view the PDF instructions: aspiration-cards-howto.pdf

Make a “stained glass” accordion book. To view the instructions below as a printable PDF, click here: Stained Glass Accordion Book Instructions

Stained Glass Accordion Book instructions page 1Stained Glass Accordion Book instructions page 2

Creative inspiration cards! Click on the picture to get the full printable size.Creative inspiration cards - free download from

Download the printable PDF of the Artistic License poster: Artistic License PDF

Click on the image below to download and print the Creativity Bookmark.Bent Tuba - Reading is a Creative Act - free bookmark

Download our PDF guide to Making Your Own Rubber Stamps.

Click on the image below to view and print the instructions for making a bamboo-bound French fold book.

Bent Tuba Bamboo Book Instruction Sheet

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